Friends of WATER

Reviews to be posted soon…



  1. am starting a new social enterprise venture with our spring water. i really woudl value your comments and input. please contact me. i think that your site in great. i would like to install ireland’s first water station…oh i do hope that you contact me. kind regards marueen hanvey

  2. Dear Steven Solomon:

    Thank you for your important book. Are you familiar with these people ? : ~

    They are truly making a difference around the world.

  3. I read your book, “Water….” and thoroughly enjoyed it and gained a deeper appreciation of the role of water, not only in our day-to-day lives but in sustaining our societies, as well. A great job of reporting AND writing!!!!

  4. The City of Winter Haven in Central Florida is working to do take a sustainable approach to water management on a watershed scale as referenced in Mr. Solomons article ‘Redesigning Our Cities for the Dawning Age of Global Freshwater Scarcity’. Please take a look at the draft report on the following webpage:
    We would love to have comments, please mail to:

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