About WATER: The Epic Struggle For Wealth, Power, and Civilization

Far more than oil, the control of water wealth throughout history has been pivotal to the rise and fall of great powers, the achievements of civilization, the transformations of society’s vital habitats, and the quality of ordinary daily lives. In Water, Steven Solomon offers the first-ever narrative portrait of the power struggles, personalities, and breakthroughs that have shaped humanity from antiquity’s earliest civilizations, the Roman Empire, medieval China, and Islam’s golden age to Europe’s rise, the steam-powered Industrial Revolution, and America’s century. Today, freshwater scarcity is one of the twenty-first century’s decisive, looming challenges and is driving the new political, economic, and environmental realities across the globe.

As modern society runs short of its most indispensable resource and the planet’s renewable water ecosystems grow depleted, an explosive new fault line is dividing humanity into water Haves and Have-nots. Genocides, epidemic diseases, failed states, and civil warfare increasingly emanate from water-starved, overpopulated parts of Africa and Asia. Water famines threaten to ignite new wars in the bone-dry Middle East. Faltering clean water supplies menace the sustainable growth and ability of China and India to feed themselves. Water scarcity is inseparably interrelated to the global crises of energy, food, and climate change. For Western democracies, water represents no less than the new oil—demanding a major rethink of basic domestic and foreign policies—but also offering a momentous opportunity to relaunch wealth and global leadership through exploiting a comparative advantage in freshwater reserves. Meticulously researched and masterfully written, Steven Solomon’s Water is a groundbreaking account of man’s most critical resource in shaping human destinies, from ancient times to our dawning age of water scarcity.



  1. Hi Steve,

    I heard you on NPR recently and wondered if you are interested in supporting a US energy policy which limits water usage. Our organization advocates for stronger appliance efficiency standards. There’s a great opportunity this spring/summer to influence the Department of Energy’s rulemaking on clothes washers. By setting a strong water efficiency factor, the DOE could set the US on track to save 273 billion gallons of water in 2020 and 546 billion gallons in 2030. Wondered if you’d be willing to sign on to a letter in support of a strong water efficiency factor for washers.
    Marianne DiMascio
    Appliance Standards Awareness Project

  2. Very important work. Listened to your interview on KUOW Seattle this morning.

  3. Listening to your speech at the Carnegie Council now and just ordered your book. Looking forward to reading it and using it for future projects.

    • Thank you, Raul, for your comment and interest. Best Regards, STEVE

  4. Hey Steve,

    Thanks again for taking some time to come up to New York during the CGI week for an interview with RAINMAKERS TELEVISION. Your interview is now edited and posted in a 3-part series on the RAINMAKERS website at:


    Keep up the great work!

    Rainmakers Television

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