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WATER discussed with Lewis Lapham on Bloomberg Radio

Steven Solomon interviewed about WATER by Lewis Lapham The World in Time on Bloomberg Radio.
aired Friday January 22, 2010 (approximately 20 minutes)

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Bottom’s Up for Haiti’s Water Future

Abject water poverty is rampant in Haiti. Nearly half of all Haitians are among the world’s 1 billion without satisfactory access to clean drinking water; over two-thirds are counted in the 2.6 billion without adequate sanitation. Only one-fourth of city dwellers have plumbing connections, and service is unreliable. Each day means foraging for enough water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning from water tanks, street vendors, and wells, by illegally tapping water mains, and as a last resort, drawing from unclean streams and ditches. Water is the main source of Haiti’s terrible illness and mortality rates — average life expectancy is only 53.

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Steven Solomon’s Op Ed in the New York Times

A Recovery Built on Water
By Steven Solomon

In rebuilding Haiti’s water systems, it is imperative to focus on simple and affordable local projects that communities can take responsibility for. The network of water and sewer pipes should be built with flexible materials that can be shallowly buried and easily repaired. Bulk sewer services and drinking water should be delivered at wholesale costs to distribution points in urban neighborhoods, where local leaders can handle payments for the service and maintain the local network.

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Interview on GRIST.ORG

Read an interview on WATER at

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The Al Gore of Water

Watch Steven Solomon talk about WATER on MORNING JOE”, MSNBC-TV

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Steven Solomon on CBS Evening News


CBS Evening News Jan 8 teaser: Mark Strassmann: Water Crisis Preview
As part of the ongoing series “Where America Stands” on the “CBS Evening News

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Water As The New Oil


There’s a slick catchphrase in the air these days — “Water is the new oil” — that author Steven Solomon and others use when referencing water’s newfound significance on today’s geopolitical stage.

But if Solomon’s outstanding survey, “Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization,” reveals anything, it is that oil, for maybe a century or so, was actually the new water, and now water has simply returned to the primacy it has always held throughout history.

In detailed but highly readable fashion, economics journalist Solomon (“Confidence Game,” 1995) works through each major civilization — the Mesopotamians, the Egyptians, the early Romans, China, India, Islam, northern Europe, the New World — and shows the profound water challenges each faced and overcame in advancing human aspirations.

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Will The Next War Be Fought Over Water?

Listen to Steven Solomon talk about WATER on “ALL THINGS CONSIDERED” National Public Radio

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Excerpt from Huffington Post

What’s More Important Than Oil?

That’s the question I first asked myself which led me to write “Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization” (Harper Collins January 2010). I had read Dan Yergin’s wonderful history of oil, “The Prize”, and began contemplating what other natural resource might be shaping our destiny as profoundly. The obvious answer arrived like a slap in the forehead, a Bill Clinton “It’s the economy, stupid!” moment–WATER.

Water is visibly showing through as a root cause of nearly every headline issue transforming the world order and planetary environment: Freshwater scarcity is a key reason why 3.5 billion people are projected to live in countries that cannot feed themselves by 2025. Earth’s freshwater ecosystems are critically depleted and being used unsustainably, reported the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment, for today’s 6.5 billion population much less for the 9 billion we’ll be by 2050. Extreme droughts, floods, melting glaciers and other water cycle-related effects of global warming are why there’ll likely be 150 million global climate refugees within a decade. Diplomats warn that 21st century conflicts will be fought over water as they were for oil in the 20th.

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New Water Blog from The Huffington Post

Row For Water: Katie Spotz, Row, Row Our Boat

As the throngs at Copenhagen pack their bags and disperse from the historic summit back to all corners of the globe, a lone young Ohio woman, Katie Spotz, 24, is getting set to start out on a solitary, sea level voyage to row across the Atlantic Ocean. Her purpose: To inspire at least 1,000 individuals to make $30 donations to San Francisco’s Blue Planet Run Foundation, which will, in turn, be able to finance relief for a thousand of the one billion people on our planet who still lack access to the most essential resource for human life–safe, clean drinking water.

Such a small, individual contribution from an ordinary person without renown or celebrity may seem like a minuscule drop in the proverbial bucket. But every muscle-straining stroke Katie makes during her 70 to 100 day ordeal should be a reminder to those leaving Copenhagen and those they’re rejoining back home that any path to reduce global warming and solve other monumental global challenges like freshwater scarcity necessarily begins with a simple personal commitment to ourselves to do what we can do in our own way every day. A million Katies, and the global crisis of clean, fresh drinking water can be solved.

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