Posted by: snsolomon | April 28, 2010


Steven Solomon interviewed about WATER by Voice of America posted 7.21.10

Steven Solomon on BBC News TV
Water shortages ‘a global problem’
March 25, 2010

Steven Solomon on TAVIS SMILEY, PBS-TV
Earth Day April 22, 2010
(Short Clip, Full Clip, Transcript)
Steven Solomon’s Special Earth Day Blog on the Water Crisis
Steven Solomon’s Earth Day post ‘Earth’s Vital Ecosystems’ US State Department 4.1.10

Steven Solomon speech at Carnegie Council
March 31, 2010
(video, audio, transcript)
“Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization”

Steven Solomon on AirTalk with Larry Mantle, KPCC (Los Angeles), April 20, 2010
Audio only:

Sierra Magazine “Fresh, Clean, and Scarce: Tracking the Growing Global Water Crisis” by Steven Solomon
Mixed Media  May/June 2010

A Conversation with Steven Solomon — WORLD WATER DAY Special!
Webcast: THE BOOK STUDIO w/Bethanne Patrick
Mon, 03/22/2010

Reuters:  Interview with Steven Solomon, author of WATER: The Epic Struggle For Wealth, Power, and Civilization
“Looking at water crisis through lens of history”
April 23, 2010

L.A. Times article on Steven Solomon at L.A. Times Book Festival,
Los Angeles April 24, 2010
Water: the new oil? Authors Solomon and Price discuss the dwindling resource

STEVEN SOLOMON SPEECH at Zócalo Public Square at Rand Corp, Los Angeles
April 19, 2010
Why Water is The New Oil

Fox News TV —  Earth Day Interview with Steven Solomon (no archive)

STEVEN SOLOMON at World Policy Institute New York, NY
April 13, 2010
Water Wars:  Beyond the Blue Revolution


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