Posted by: snsolomon | March 9, 2010

WATER on American Rivers

WATER on American Rivers:

Author Steven Solomon has suggested our country needs an Al Gore for water – an advocate who will do for water what the former vice president has done for climate change. Solomon just might be the voice we need to focus public attention on the problems – and solutions – for the future of clean water.

In his new book, Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization, Solomon paints a vivid picture of how water has shaped our history and how it is playing an increasingly vital role in our national security.



  1. Dr. Solomon: Just saw you on Tavis Smiley PBS TV. I wish to get your attention and through you that of others to using solar distillation of salt or contaminated water. I can not understand how simple solar energy concentration devices to distill water free of salt, contaminants and germs are not available everywhere. For Haiti, numerous groups are sending various chemical pills that have to be supplied constantly. Solar distillation requires no energy except for pumping the water and handling the residual water. I urge you to get attention to using the distillation process that could be a major help in Haiti. Any comments will be appreciated.
    Dr. James Singmaster,, Fremont CA

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