Posted by: snsolomon | January 22, 2010

Bottom’s Up for Haiti’s Water Future

Abject water poverty is rampant in Haiti. Nearly half of all Haitians are among the world’s 1 billion without satisfactory access to clean drinking water; over two-thirds are counted in the 2.6 billion without adequate sanitation. Only one-fourth of city dwellers have plumbing connections, and service is unreliable. Each day means foraging for enough water for drinking, cooking, and cleaning from water tanks, street vendors, and wells, by illegally tapping water mains, and as a last resort, drawing from unclean streams and ditches. Water is the main source of Haiti’s terrible illness and mortality rates — average life expectancy is only 53.

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  1. So true and shows the utter urgency to solve this crisis by global AND national action. I recommend Partners In Health – founded by Paul Farmer , been working in Haiti for over 20 years now and just elected to be UN Ambassador on Public Health – boy does he know of what you speak. Our website at is working right now behind the scenes on finding solutions NOW. I am sending the Water Blog around to all my networks.

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