Posted by: snsolomon | December 18, 2009

New Water Blog from The Huffington Post

Row For Water: Katie Spotz, Row, Row Our Boat

As the throngs at Copenhagen pack their bags and disperse from the historic summit back to all corners of the globe, a lone young Ohio woman, Katie Spotz, 24, is getting set to start out on a solitary, sea level voyage to row across the Atlantic Ocean. Her purpose: To inspire at least 1,000 individuals to make $30 donations to San Francisco’s Blue Planet Run Foundation, which will, in turn, be able to finance relief for a thousand of the one billion people on our planet who still lack access to the most essential resource for human life–safe, clean drinking water.

Such a small, individual contribution from an ordinary person without renown or celebrity may seem like a minuscule drop in the proverbial bucket. But every muscle-straining stroke Katie makes during her 70 to 100 day ordeal should be a reminder to those leaving Copenhagen and those they’re rejoining back home that any path to reduce global warming and solve other monumental global challenges like freshwater scarcity necessarily begins with a simple personal commitment to ourselves to do what we can do in our own way every day. A million Katies, and the global crisis of clean, fresh drinking water can be solved.

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